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Shrimp goodies!!!


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Hey guys, as promised I received my first order in today. It's very small and limited quantity on some things. If everyone likes these I'll continue to import the stuff. I've been trying to find certain items I have not seen in the us yet or stuff that is kinda expensive here and knock down the pricing from other places.

Gold crown crs enrichment supplement

1$ per gram

(Photos are my own)

I dropped the food in and everyone started to swarm this stuff. Opening the bag is has a strong smell to it. My crystals, snowballs, rcs, tigers everyone loved it.


It consists a lot of nutrients includes:

Protein, wheat flour, spirulina, soy protein, yeast powder, spinach powder, β-Carotene, probiotics......and so on.


The benefit it brings to shrimps:

Enhance appetite

Improve digestive system

Control the balance of intestinal bacteria

Enhance immunity

Increase growth rate

Enhance survival rate of baby shrimps

Starpet sudo ceramic cubes

13$ a set of five

I have five sets available right now

You can stack me, spread me, or tie moss to em!!

Genki crs mineral balls

.75 each, these are small

30 available


Mineral balls consist a lot of essential minerals includes 66 kinds of minerals.

The main components are fossils (soft and porous ancient marine humus) from ancient animals and various nekton, plankton algae, algae which are buried underground for ten thousands of years due to diastrophism.


The benefit it brings to shrimps:

1. Provide essential minerals for growth

2. Improve molting failure

3. Enhance survival rate of baby shrimps

4. Brighten body color

5. Stabilize pH for better environment


Put Genki Mineral Balls directly inside the tank or filter. The minerals will be continuously released for two years.

When the nutrients of the soil are losing, pH keep rising or GH is low, Genki Mineral Balls can be used to improve it.

Since the process is slow and continuous, so shrimps are able to adapt to it.

Sudo Bamboo pinsettes

$8 each

3 available

11 1\4" long

hand made, no chemical used to treat the wood. Will not rust like its cousins steel. Sturdy

Japanese style shrimp dome

$15 each

2 available

made of ceramic, give your shrimp something to play and hide in!!! Tie moss to it, tie two together and make a shrimp waffle ball!!! Whatever you do the shrimp will love it







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I love getting shipments in. All new stuff. This is the last thing I have to add before I can order anything else this stuff needs to go first.

Floating moss islands!!!

$11.00 each

Two available

You can put moss, or anything that grows like moss in this thing for shrimp or just an aquascape.

It comes with a weight to tie to the ball. It's easy to use and I think it's awesome.



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Haha not yet. I will tomorrow as I'm keeping 1of the three I ordered to use for myself haha :). Pretty simple though unscrew it place the moss inside. Screw it back on. Tie the string to the weight at he desired height and place in in the aquarium with he weight under the substrate so its not visible.

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Shrimp Cuisine, Omega One Veggie Pellets, Zucchini, Algae Wafers, Some Type of Shrimp Food (can't remember the name), and Algae Wafer. As of now they only like Omega One, Gold Crown (food I got from you), sometimes Algae Wafers if they are hungry.

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good stuff man!  looks like a lil ufo in the tank, I love it!  with some moss on it, maybe some weeping or xmas moss or something droopy, would look like a floating island maybe? 

will have to try that out the moss ufo on my next tank


seen the little ceramic cubes before, those are pretty cool also. do they alter the ph or anything in the water? add mineral?

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The ceramic cubes do not alter the water chemistry. There just like the up aqua and easy aqua shrimp tubes in that aspect. The mineral balls I sell do give off minerals though. Very very slow release and they pick at them to get what they need.

the floatig moss islands are awesome. I was in love at first sight haha

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