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shrimp parameter help please =(


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hello i setup a shrimp tank and my parameters are:


temp 80 F

TDS 80

GH 4-5

KH 3

PH 6.8

Ammonia 0

Nitrite 0

Nitrate 10


and im looking forward to put RCS AND CRS together in the tank. I believe my TDS is too low for CRS and KH is a little higher.

How do i raise the TDS and lower the KH with affecting other parameters much? Thank you.


PS: First shrimp tank

Aqua Japan 35 rimless tank

Aqua Japan 18 watts

Mr. Aqua soil substrate

Fluval shrimp minerals supplement.




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Are you using a heater? If not you could use a fan to lower temp. Thats what i have to do in the summer. Are those your water parameters straight from the tap?

Yep, you can try putting a DIY fan or buy from the market.

I also put 2 mini fans for my tank to maintain the temperature at 23-25.c. I have quite high weather temp in my country, which is tropic

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How are you measuring TDS. GH and KH are 1 point per 17.9ppm assuming you are using API. If your GH is 4 and kH is 3 that's 7 total so I would expect a TDS around 125ppm. Try testing distilled water for TDS should be zero.

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Fluval mineral is made for shrimp, it's not the best but I used it for awhile. It takes 180-210 tds to get the Gh right for most RO water, it doesn't effect Kh either.

It wouldn't hurt to test the to water before it goes into the tank so you can know wether it's something inside of your tank or the water you are putting in there.

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