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Ebi No Seicho Shrimp Food and Additives


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I am happy to announce that I have partnered with Ebi No Seicho to bring their full line of shrimp products to the USA for the first time


I will be offering samples of the product for everyone to try. Samples of the food products will be $0.50 each 




Products available: **Note - photos of the labels with description of the products can be found in here Ebi No Seicho

Regular Mix - 30g - $11

Soft Mix - 30g - $11

Shrimp Basic - 20g - $10

Shrimp Bead - 20g - $10

Shrimp Color - 20g - $10

Shrimp Boost - 30g - $12

Ebi One - 30g - $15

Ebi Crispz - 30g - $15

Shrimp Rocks - 10g - $6

Shrimp Ball - 60g - $12

Montmorillonite - 50g - $10

Salt Shrimp GH+ - 70g - $14

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Gotta ask the tough questions don't ya Bryce ;)


Well, here is what I was able to find out, had to ask the manufacturer to be sure (as you see from the label photos, the translations are a little rough around the edges)


So regarding your first question (doing my best to translate French)

So for Shrimp rock you cut the rock in 4 with a knife, one piece for 20 liter , and one piece will change the water very little. The advantage of this product is that it adds small amounts of vitamins and amino acids to the water. The manufacturer said this is not to replace re-mineralizing your water, however, it will add a small amount of gh without needing to be removed (once it hits a stable level it will remain there)
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Im working on the conversions lol. Goes way back to high school chemistry with mol's and such LOL


I have asked the manufacturer, just to double check,


But plugging it into this online converter... http://www.lenntech.com/calculators/conductivity/tds-engels.htm


I get 175 (microS) is equal to 112 ppm TDS. I believe the ms is a computer translation error from the u symbol for micro

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The challenge is that microS and TDS don't really correlate well.  For microS it depends on temperature and what materials are in the water to conduct.  Some people just multiply mS x .7 to get TDS, but that doesn't work all the time depending on the materials in the powder.


If you are offering samples for .50 ea, you could try it yourself since you have to open a container anyway. :angel:

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I tossed a stick of the Shrimp Basic in with my RCS and it seemed like they approved  :stuff:


Now if I can fill the sample bags without spilling any more that'd be great... the dog was loving it last night 

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