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Acceptable temperature swing?

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I recently started using what I believe to be a decently accurate digital thermometer so of course now it catches my eye when I am in the room causing me to pay more attention to the tank temperature. It looks like I have temperature swings of about 2.5 degrees through out the day which seems a bit much to me. Does anyone have any thoughts on what an acceptable range of temperature swings would be for happy and healthy shrimp? Obviously the heater cant keep the temp perfect at all times so some swing is a given but I would think more within a degree +or-. Maybe its time for a new heater. This is a 20 long btw. Thanks.

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Mild fluctiations in temperature should be fine for most species. This is what they experience in nature, such as day/night shift, rain etc.

Exceptions are spcies from lakes in which the temperatures are pretty constant, such as species from the big Sulawesi lakes.

It might also help if a current runs close to your heater.

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