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($30) Huge lot of shrimp food & supplements - Mosura Borneowild Hikari CFS Jake's etc

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Hey guys n gals,

Because the packages are so large, I have WAAAAAY too much shrimp food !!
(I wish all companies were like CFS offering a small 5-10gram bottle)

This entire lot' is yours for only $30 + $7 USPS Priority mail shipping

Mosura Excel - 13grams (in original bottle)
Mosura Gravidas - 10grams (in original bottle)
Mosura BioPlus - 10grams (in original bottle including spoon)
Borneowild Bebi - 20grams (in original bottle including spoon)
Borneowild Stout - 3.5grams
Borneowild Grow - 2grams
Hikari Mini Algae Wafers - 15grams
Hikari Shrimp Cuisine - 4grams
Jake's Complete Veggie - 13grams (in original zip-top)
Jake's Veggie Sticks with extra calcium - 9grams (in original zip-top)
Jake's Shrimplet Growth - 10grams (in original bottle)
CSF Mulberry+ - 3grams

NO-Planaria - 7.5grams
Sera Super Peat - 25grams
Cholla pieces - 2 @ 3"

The following bought within the last 2 weeks....
M - Gravidas
BW - Stout
BW - Grow
Hikari - Shrimp cuisine
CFS - Mulberry+

The others were bought 6-8 months ago & always sealed tight & stored inside another large zip-lock
(I have AC, stored below 75'ish)
Packages/bottles only opened a few times, as I have a 7-day pill-container to which I fill & feed from'

I'll print shipping label through PayPal with online tracking
(I won't be able to ship until end of this week)

If interested ask any questions, or PM me for my PP addy'
(Please NO gift' payments)

*10-year eBay seller with over a 1,000 positive feedbacks

2-year member/seller @ theplantedtank & Barrreport

Dave smile.png

P.S. The second-from-bottom left pic shows WYSIWYG
(the Super Peat is missing in WYSIWYG pic but IS included)










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Yeah, I think most experienced shrimp keepers have too much food

I guess this package is geared' mostly to a newbie

(wish I could of bought a package like this when I started out)


And thanks.... wish I would of known about this dedicated shrimp site 2 years ago  :rolleyes:

Looks like a great value - but alas I too have way too much food at the moment - good luck though and welcome to TSS

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