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Skittles Tank= Random babies? =D

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So i have different type of red grade shrimps, yellow shrimps, orange shrimps, red reli, blue velvets/blue reli in the tank.

Some of them were berried when i got them.

Next thing you know. Babies =)

I have tons of red shrimps

i saw 3 CRS

some other colorations i see yellow, blue, brownish (probably wild type).


Now the question is i dont think i have any blue velvets berried and how i got some blueish baby shrimp? I saw like 2 blueish. Possibility that the female shrimp doing 2 male shrimps?

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As all the above shrimp are color morphs of Neo, shrimp they will cross breed resulting in all the above colors until such a time that all the colors have been breed out and you have a tank of wild coloured neo's

have a gneiss day

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LOL  I was going to say the same thing Rye.


9th dragon, even true breeding shrimp have very deep recessives.  (Co-dominant, incomplete and partial,etc)  Breeding different types together will sometimes result in a surprise or two, however Meta is correct.  The mixing of these recessives and dom together with have the end result of wilds.

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