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new skyblue/dream breeding project

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So I discovered I have one C-Sky blue male left in my tank, so I decided to try to breed him to my

nice big fat Blue Dream/Wizard female.  I put them in the breeder box and will see what comes of

this.  I really like the turquoisy blue color and would like to keep it going so crossing fingers on this.


here is the setup box.


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why would they come out as wilds?  The other babies I have are all blue of varying shades, but mostly deep blue and those are from crosses of Blue Rili, Carbon Rili, Blue Dreams.  If they are many generations of blue, then blue to blue should also produce blue, maybe lighter shade than the Blue Dream female and darker than the sky blue male, but Im sure they would be a shade of blue.


Ive only encountered wilds when yellow or red to blue were crossed.

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Yeah....no problem, If and when it does occur I will post pics of the outcome.  I can always sell shrimps to someone here cheap if they aren't what I want.


Im not an expert on color, just like the blues.  Bryce is just pointing out it might not work out as I think and

that's good to know.  We are all here to learn.


Bryce please explain, as I am new to these blue strains and how they came about.

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Not sure how the blue works in shrimp, but not all characteristics are as simple as light blue + dark blue = medium blue. The two different blues may not be coded on the same allele. If they arent, assuming the blues are recessive, they would both be masked by the dominant wild type. The babies would carry the genes for both blues but would not show them in the first generation.

At least that's how I understand it....correct me if I'm wrong.

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