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does continued interbreeding cause a problem at some point?

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I have over 100 snowballs now and I can't help but think that they are all just in there breeding and interbreeding (is that the correct term) over and over.


My first shipping venture may be with someone else that has snowballs. A snowball swap, to get some fresh bloodline in there. The person I am hoping will do this checked and we both got ours from different sources, but whose to know where each of those got them, lol.


Can constant breeding of the same batch cause issues at some point?

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I have to thank you... and everyone else here. If it weren't for all of you I might have tossed in the towel rather than be 'complaining' about how fast they are breeding, lol :) (not really complaining... just wondering where I can squeeze in another tank, ha ha)

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