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New ideas for tool materials


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So I've been toying around with the idea of making a line of tools. We all know the stainless steel tools are on the market, and that even some of the higher end brands rust out claiming to be stainless steel. (My ebi kin stainless steel spring scissors rusted at the scissor part after first use)

So I was thinking, why not make tools out of another material, it will be kind of tough because I don't have a shop, all I have are some power tools (I.e. Drill skill saw grinder air compressor and attachments) and a crap load of hand tools.

Why not try to make tools out of wood, glass, or acrylic? We all know they would never rust, retain sharpness, and be cheaper to make than steel products.

With the wood it would need to be water proofed I was thinking with a thin layer of epoxy coating that way the endge wouldn't dull out or get dented, even though in aquatic applications that shouldn't happen.

Glass, now that's a tough one, you can only cut glass with a glass cutter, you can't blow or melt glass very easily, and you can't really gain an edge on it for scissors. It may be too brittle to use as well.

But acrylic, sturdy, won't loose its edge, won't break from drops, doesn't need an epoxy coating. Easy to cut and sand compared to glass, but is cheap to get bulk amount of material, I.e. One square foot should make about 5-10 pairs of scissors.

What do you guys think? I offer bamboo tweezers in sale thread now and that's what kinda got me on this mind boggle.

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Do you have access to a laser engraver/cutting unit? Ive been using my dads to make wood hat pins n other novelties. ...and the model does acrylic up to 1/2" as well. If you can create the design in cad, the burner will cut scissors or a tong out. A little time with the sanding belt and they could be nice sharp scissors

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you could also make a protoype and then have a large order made up


I would think 1 idea with the acrylic would be to have replaceable blades, something like two plain razor blades that screw into the acrylic handles

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The laser burners aren't cheap, I think it was $3500.....but this one does thin acrylic (up to 3/8" I think). We've made a few wood working jigs out of 1/4" acrylic for ring boxes and chess pieces.

Might be able to try a set of scissors next time im fighting with cad

I think that shapeways website is for a company offering either 3d printing or another manufacturing tech.

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They say they don't rust but at one point in there life they will most likely rust. I was super surprised when my ebi ken spring scissors had rusted after only one use. It's not bad, but it still rusted non the less,

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