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Marina box / HOB filter


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So I bought a few marina boxes the other day and was putting them on the tanks when FedEx decides to deliver the sponge filters I ordered. So I'm assembling both and realise they fit together. I looked online but it doesn't look like other people put them together, they just throw a cut sponge on the intake. It doesn't impede waterflow and it only takes 1 air line now instead of 2, also if you use one of the chambers and throw some media in it you've effectively made an air driven HOB filter.


Now to try and make them quieter..

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Back to the marina boxes. Can anyone tell me how deep they sit off of the tank? I have about 5.5 inches between the back of the tank and the wall. Will the large marina box squeeze in? Its hard to get a good feel for the exact dimensions from amazon. Thank you.

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