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While I was browsing pet Co to see if they head anything I may want. I noticed that they were putting out alot of aquariums. So that may be getting ready for a sale. On a disappointing note, that are now selling silver arrowanas. They had 2 eight inch long ones inside a 10 gallon tank with juvenile cichlids.

have a gneiss day

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I recall hearing a rumor that the sale would be relatively soon (this week or the next?), so that jives with what you saw.

They are ever disappointing in their choices, aren't they?

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I think it's been discussed but curious the consensus on this forum towards Petco tanks?

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I've been using them for a while, used to have about 25- 10g tanks from them for my dart frogs and I'm using 3 - 20g longs for shrimp and 1 for a snake now lol. My wife will kill me when I come home with a couple more...

Everything looks prettier through the Mr aqua rimless ones I've seen, but I'll stick with the cheaper ones.

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I have 1 10 Gallon from there, I don't like the thinner glass. I plan to kick a 10 G off a shelf to make it a 20 L tank. I might try 20 L in Tetra, I am still on the fence about them. I too have doubts about them, I was used to the Aqueon tanks way back when. Those were the stuff.

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