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Ebi No Seicho Product Reviews


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Hey guys, I know a handful of you have gotten some of the samples of the food.


I'd love to hear what you think? Is this a line you want more of in the US? 


Personally, my shrimp seemed to like it, but as the guy that is carrying the line my review really doesn't count LOL



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I didn't try it but I feel like the US distributors are just importing too much food. From reading the ingredients, its nothing special from any other shrimp food.


I wish there were more options than just food. 


For example, Shrimpy Daddy gave us a product that increases coloration on some shrimp.


Food is just blah. so much choices but all with basically same ingredients.


In the end, it would just come to price fighting. 



It would be nice if there was a product that increases thickness of coloring of white on crs. I know there are a few products that claim such but have yet to see any real proof and/or results from different people.

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There are a lot of products out there, but there is a lot of products for most things out there. The hope is to be able to provide one of the better ones, look at MK breed, a year ago not many ppl had heard of that in the US, but because a few people decided to bring it in, it is one of the more popular brands now :)

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+1 Bryce said.

This is why the hobby has so many products and manufacture. You have a infinite number of ingredient but it's your own personal combination and touch that makes something special.

Most folks are just helping everyone by providing them with a wide range of products and supplies. In any other context it would be difficult to get such products without these folks.

Plus, new products means free samples for a lot of folks. Free samples means offload of cost that could be better spent for other stuff. Some live off trying freebies. [emoji1]

I wished I had the chance to try this food. The promises it hold is very appealing.

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