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Help recognize my new arrivals

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Hey guys,

so I finally got my shrimps :) I got them from my friend's father which is in this hobby reeeeally long time O:) Unfortunatelly he's a Dane and I don't speak danish, since I'm not Dane, but just studying and also currently living here, in Denmark.


I attached some of the pictures I took with my Canon EOS 600D and would like your help with recognition of the strain or whole name :P


I am very new in this hobby so any kind of input and advice are welcome!


Thanks in advance






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The one on the leaf is a blue carbon rili but  I dont know about those other two.   They dont look like carbon rili or even splotched Rili to me.  

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They look like all Carbon Rili's. Some offspring of Carbon Rili that I have noticed and encountered myself will have a full body of color, usually all black or very close. Usually I cull these from my group to preserve pattern.

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