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Anyone have axolotls? :)

Soothing Shrimp

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LOL  I know.  That's where I got this one. :)


I guess I'm asking if anyone has them as pets. :)


It's super cute, but I recently got a Chameleon. too many pets to take care.

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What kind of chameleon? I've bred Jackson's vieleds and panthers and had a meller for a while.


Veiled Chameleon baby girl.


I love the color of panthers, but too expensive, so try something easier first.


It's un-expected. I brought my kids to reptile show, and just love this cutie.

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My first reptile show I came home with a pair of panthers from lll reptiles I can't help but go to every one in my area. I go to the big one in Daytona every year it's really the only vacation I take in the summer. reptiles very quickly come just as addictive as shrimp. I've limited my self to reptiles that don't need crickets only at the moment. You think food is important for your shrimps. Well in reptiles I spent more time caring for my crickets then I did 40 plus adult herps (chameleons and leopard geckos). It's all about gut load for the crickets.

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And crickets smell. heh  Yeah, been there.  Done that. ;)


Not at all. I just keep it alive and gut loaded before feeding.


Funny thing is that the crickets I got from the show are all males.


Here is my very simple setup:


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Just change the paper towel as much as you can. Also get a small dish I used a peanut butter lid and some cotton balls and just fill the cotton balls up with water and replace them when they turn color. The best way for your crickets to get water.

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