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who has the clearest middle red rilis?

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I just ordered 24 for only $33 Shipped! All were juveniles about 1/4 inch. some have nice colors others don't (Doesnt matter to me you cant beat the price.) I will eventually separate culls and try to get a nice strain going. But to help you with your problem I ordered shrimp (CRS) from a guy named SoShrimp and they came nice i just saw on ebay he had Red Rilis and they looked amazing! A little more pricier but may be worth it. Also saw a guy on Aquabid that had some nice ones!

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I dunnooo... I just went and looked at soshrimps Rilis on ebay.   Love his orange rilis.   The reds look like they have the blue tinge to the body too.    I know what you are talking about Soothing.. Back when they first started they were totally clear with no tinge of blue .   I never see pics like that anymore.   

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Are they as blue as the pictures? I'm planning on getting some.

Some are very dark blue, some are a bit lighter - they all looked darker when they were younger. They don't look like that pic per say. I used a flash on some pics and got results closer to it. But I love the colors. Will have to cull eventually... never had to do that before. BUT - I am very happy with them.


I don't want to hijack the post, so I will post a few more pics in my journal  http://www.shrimpspot.com/index.php?/topic/2977-dream-blue-neos-how-to-do-it-backwards/


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