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Break down mulm?

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I would be scared to take a product from Home Depot that is stored with Drano and other chemicals that have to be sold in plastic bags for safety. Even though in theory it is supposed to be digestive bacteria.

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A few years ago, I picked up a tub of Microbe Life Sludge Away Booster (for ponds). I began using it in my goldfish tank. It seemed to break the feces down into fine, powdery mulm that was then mostly pulled into the sponge filter. I am not sure if it would do anything in your case, as it looks like the mulm is already a fine powder and you want something to disintegrate it completely. Perhaps it would help with the breakdown process - who knows? It isn't very expensive so I gave it a try. I can send you some to experiment with as the goldfish is now someone else's problem. I am pretty sure I've used it in my shrimp and smail tanks? I used a lot less, and much less often, because I wanted biofilm to build up and I wasn't sure if this interfered at all.

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