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Dosing powder

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Dosing powder that doesn't always go into water column or is slow/has trouble, I recommend getting a tiny pipe looking thing. It could be a small pvc tubing but make sure the diameter has a good 1-2cm and roughly 0.5" in height . Place pvc tubing a little into water. Dose powder directly into pvc tubing. 


I couldn't believe how quickly all my bacter AE was in the water column. Just 10 seconds and it's all in! None at surface!


You could pour water through the pvc tubing if you want to be faster.

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Poopians, I may try that technique tomorrow.  Thanks for the suggestion.


For anything that needs to be in the water column, I usually mix with water first and then introduce it via a pipette.  

When adjusting RO, I dissolve SS GH+ and TDS UP in a small, clean, soda bottle, first.  That way, it's easier to see if the powder has dissolved completely or needs more "shaking".   

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I dose the powder directly to the water.


Sponge Filter would take care of it, and I get slow release effect.

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