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Experiences with Bob's Tropicals?

Soothing Shrimp

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I ordered a lot of fish from them.

10 of 10 Danio Margaritatus were all fine.

1 of 10 Microdevario kubotai arrived dead.
2 of 10 Ember Tetras were dead.

and 7 of 8 Iriatherina werneri arrived dead or dying. 

The temps were good. The packaging was good.

I choose next day express mail with hold at the post office. I picked the package up as soon as I go notified that it arrived and made picture of the dead fish and send them to bobstropicalplants by email. They promise a refund. I never heard back from them.

The fish that made it were very good and the price is competetive if you order enough to offset the shipping costs.

Would I order again from them? Maybe. It just seems that their customer service is bad. If the crabs are hardy you could try it.

I was successful in breeding Microdevario kubotai and Danio Margaritatus. I did not the Ember Tetras for the lack of space.

I keep all of them in tanks with shrimps and the shrimps are not harmed and proliferative in a heavily planted tank.

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I brought some tigers and neon yellows from them.


3 of 11 Tigers dead

4 of 10 Yellows dead.


I was given store credit and shipment number #2:

3 of 10 Tigers dead(those three died the next day)


I had never received so many DOA's in good weather before. I didn't even bother to notify them again.  They have ok customer service; however, it took them about a week and a half to respond. I am not a fan of there shipping methods. They used a really large box for one bag of shrimp and I'm sure the shrimp got tossed up. The packaging is okay. I don't think I would order from them again because of the fact that there were so many DOA's. I probably wouldn't recommend people to use them either. Quality of the ones that survived were pretty good.

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ive ordered from them a few times and had a couple DOA, but they gave me credit.  Communication is sllloooow.  i did get some microcrabs from them over a year ago.  my lone survivor just died a couple weeks ago.  Seems from these reviews that you're rolling the dice, but they will give credit or replace on DOA...

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Several years ago, I placed several large order for caridina babaulti green. First couple orders were phenomenal but had a major issue on my 3rd and largest order but he gave me a full refund. My experience was mixed but he was a really nice guy and very knowledgable. I would consider another order...everyone messes up and he didn't seem at all shady. YMMV

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The owner of that site is (was?) a moderator of aquariacentral.com, and used to post frequently on the plantedtank.net and several other sites. I've ordered from, traded with, and sold stuff to him quite a few times in the past. I don't recall ever having issues with him.


He's not exactly getting stellar reviews here, I see. It's been a while since I've dealt with him. Maybe he's been slacking lately. He seems like an OK guy, I think, so I don't think he intentionally neglects customers or orders. His stock has always been decent quality too from what I could tell.





Edit/update to include:


This isn't an endorsement, just noting that everything worked out for me when I dealt with him. It's possible that his business has gone downhill since then - maybe he's recently taken up crack or bath salts, made a deal with the devil, or was corrupted by the fish cartels.

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