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Ok so i just recently purchased a new 55 gal tank that i would really like to make into a taiwan bee tank. Im still a newb to shrimp but water quality is something that i know alot about and have no problem maintaining. Im currently seeding 4 sponge filters and will be adding a canister as well. My goal is to have all colors of tb. But i want to start with the basics and hopefully get all the blues blacks and reds from breeding. What my real question is, what shrimp do i need to start with to eventually get all these different strains of tb? I already have cbs and crs and will be putting them in this tank as well. Thank you in advance for your help


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I belive this is the most current chart. Hope it helps I know it's just an over view of what you can get. I'm sure people who have done what you are looking to do will chime in.

have a gneiss day


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You need to get ither michilings that have a good amount of different genes in them I would get from two different sources if you go this route. Your best bet is just to buy one of every kind but you can also get tbs from someone who's tbs will throw other colors as well. Just ask the breeder what you can expect from the genes.

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hehe Let me help translate.   Your Crystal shrimp will not throw TBs.    There is  a crystal shrimp that carries the TB gene.   They are called Mischlings   They look just like your cbs and crs but they carry the gene that allows them to also throw a TB here or there.   My understanding and people can correct me if I am wrong,  but the fastest and least expensive way to build a TB colony is to buy Mischlings which will run you 3-5 dollars each as opposed to buying TB for 10 -20 dollars each.  

If you are patient, those michlings will have other mischling babies sprinkling in a TB here and there.     To speed up the process you can also buy a few TB and add them to your colony.      Mischling female bred with TB Male has a higher chance to drop TB then just  mischling with mischling.  


My advice to you DO NOT add your cbs /crs to your 55 gallon tank.    Order a bunch of mischlings from one of our sellers here.   We have a ton of sellers here who sell mischlings.   (Shrimpscales, Mayphly, Taylors aquaworld, Miwu, Barbee all sell mischlings. )    Let the mischlings mature your tank then add a couple TBs.   Shrimpscales and mayphly have beautiful TB  (Im sure the others do too bu I havnt seen them hehe)  


The reason I suggest waitint to add TB is because shrimp are notorious for dying in new tanks so why not wait to spend the bigger money until you know the tank is  supporting life?    Especially since this will be your first tb tank.  


I hope that is helpful



PS.  I apologize if I forgot any of our  Michling sellers.  Its not intentional!

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wow I didnt know that about culling the males Glass!   I learned something.    That would be AFTER you have some tbs in there to be the daddy though  obviously hehe

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