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Cloudy water in shrimp tank


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Bima, two important things for us to help you. Do you have a picture so we can tell if its an algae or bacterial bloom? Also. what are all your water parameters? Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate, Temperature, GK/KH, TDS, and PH.

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Sory i just have tds meter [emoji16] , it's 180 for blue pearl shrimp. I think the amount of amonia nitrit nitrate is low, because the shrimp doing well. Lol

See the picture below, i have two same tank, and same setup, the left side is cloudy




I got brown algae at the glass and green spot algae, but it just a little, maybe its because bacterial bloom, but i dont have any idea about bacterial bloom


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and how long has it been cloudy?  did you do a recent water change or filter maintenance?  has it ever been clear?  What kind of shrimp?  some shrimp are more hardy than others .   I am a big fan of UV sterilizers.  They will give you ice crystal clear water but they can be an expensive option.  

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Bacterial bloom is frequently caused by over feeding - or food getting where the shrimp can't get to it.  I don't notice a feeding dish in the tank.  Glass petri dish feeding dishes make it very easy to remove uneaten food (with turkey baster) and help keep food particles from falling into the substrate where they become the breeding ground for bacteria.  


Some foods do a great job of feeding the shrimp while not promoting as much bacteria - especially barley feed and snowflake food.  With a cycled tank with sponge filter the shrimp can live without feeding for quite awhile.  They don't need daily feedings - they'll do just fine living on bio film off the sponge and plants.  


In the meantime I'd be on the lookout for an ammonia bloom - and be doing frequent partial water changes -- adding back the water using a slow flow method -- like siphoning through an airline tube.  

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It been running for 3 months, the cloudy water come 1 month after first setup. I keep blue pearl shrimp in there. I think BP is hardy shrimp. Yes uv sterilizer is quite expensive for me

Maybe it caused by over feeding, i just feed them with tetra bit complete for discuss, because its cheap [emoji1]

I will try to reduce the feeding.

Thank you guys for your advise.

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I used to feed my blue pearls tetra tropical flakes and would get cloudy water. I think it's because the food isn't conducive to their recommended diet and it fairly dirty especially if over fed. I had their tank crash and start the cycle over again because I found the food had accumulated within the substrate, I was able to save most of them however.

Snowflake food is not very expensive and my shrimp love it, also it's pretty clean and breaks down slowly - but you still don't want to overfeed.

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