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Shrimp grading - what does it mean?

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I like to 'window shop' around. It kind of let's me know what's out there and they are just pretty to look at. I have seen shrimp 'graded' and tried to figure out what most of it mean s/ss/sss etc but I'm still a bit confused. Didn't really matter because I wasn't keeping any of the shrimp it pertained to (seems mostly cards?? maybe)


Then I noticed this on AB with BTO and BT1... any idea what those mean?

 (no, not buying these, just curious and trying to learn more)



You are bidding for 5 Black Tiger shrimp of grades BT0 and BT1. 

I am working on the line for 3+ years; 90% offspring are BT0 and BT1. 
My water parameters are: TDS 170-210 ppm, GH 7, pH 7.2-7.4, nitrite - 0, nitrate - 0-3, temperature 74.

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