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pic of my hybrid blue tiger baby

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A while back I mentioned I had found an unusual blue tiger baby in my tank and took it out and put

it in the marina box so I could watch how it turned out.  Unfortunately it escaped thru the open section

into the main tank.  Ive seen it a few times but it was always in an area I couldn't photograph or catch

it.  Usually inside the seam of the sponge filter....they like to hide in there.


Today after I dumped the Crystal White Babies into the main tank I noticed a fight going on with another Tibee youngster and would you believe it was this blue tiger juvie.


I managed to grab a couple of pics of it and its WEIRD to say the least.  Looks marble!   Its definitely

a hybrid of either the Royal blues or the OEBT or a combination of both of these, has orange eyes

It almost reminds me of the original Black Tigers when they first came out, but this one is blue!


here's a couple of pics, sorry they are fuzzy I didn't have time to wipe the water spots off the glass

before grabbing the pic as this boy/girl is FAST....it was sitting on my thermometer.


What do you think?




another shot.




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Yes that's what I thought too, only this one is a defined blue.  I am now more convinced it has been the result of the RB x OEBT and has developed the original marbling that appeared when they first tried to eliminate the clear parts on the black tiger.


Now I am wondering whether to re-cross it with an OEBT or Royal to see what the next generation would throw.

for now I am calling it Blue Marble. :thumbsu:

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I knew I saw this before...Look at this pic from Tanman




Thread here: http://www.shrimpspot.com/index.php?/topic/643-fs-royal-blue-tiger-culls-rcs-monster-crypt-and-shrimp-food-sampler/


The blue striped shrimp were his Royal Blue Tiger Culls.  Is it possible what you have is a low grade royal blue?  Or in your opinion, is it something completely different?

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It does look a lot like his RB culls, but I believe its a mix of the 2 types.  It is not clear in the body, more white with less than perfect stripes, broken like marbling.  Either way Im happy with it and will try to cross it on something to see what else comes out.  I LOVE blue shrimps so I am very happy to have this one in my tank.


Do your think its a male or female?  Im leaning towards a girl just based on the shape of the body.

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I found the site that has the pictures of the lower grade Black Tigers (the original ones from which the Orange Eyed Blues and Royal Blues came from)  You can see that the swiss cheese marbling look is the same as my juvie, however the original Black Tigers didn't show any blue coloring, just black and white, although they carried the genetics for blue.


What I am thinking is that this juvie has reverted back to the original swiss cheese markings of the first Black Tigers (wild look) but has somehow retained the blue body color and orange eyes of its parents.  So in essence its a reverse of the genetics, but in blue not black....if that makes any sense (probably only to me LOL) 


Its more elusive than my OEBTs, hiding a lot, just disappeared again into the driftwood/cholla wood.  As long as its still alive I will try to use it in my hybrid tiger breeding program, see what else comes out of the pot.


take a look at this site picture.



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