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Mystery snails - new critter to freak out about ;)


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A friend of mine hooked me up with my first purple mystery snails. One is HUGE, one tiny so I can watch it grow (even though she said the big one is not yet full grown).


So, I wake up this morning and do my normal tank checks... umm... I find some gross, alien pod on side of my dream blue tank. Seriously looks like something from a b-rated space horror movie. Now, this is the tank I just went through the 'uh oh, those aren't really tigers' so... I don't know if panic or frustrated won out.


BUT - thanks to this forum, rather than run screaming around the apartment... I grabbed my camera, snapped a pic and sent it off.


Turns out - I'm about to have a LOT of mystery snail babies. lol


The alien pod (Seriously gross looking IMO)



The mamma (Who I've named Jupiter Girl)


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Lol...wait until that pod turns white and crusty and starts to ooze before hatching. I grossed out too when I had the first batch of eggs but once the eggs hatched, the snails were adorable. Watch out in open top tanks...tons of baby snails crawled out of mine :)

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Ewww that is gross! lol  Does it harm the water?  I have a lid but it's not 100% flat in the back.  I was told I could scrap it and toss it if I don't want babies (mom must have come in pregnant) but... I just can't bring myself to do it

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You could even just drop it in the water if you don't want them, or freeze them.


Those are mystery snail eggs, and you will finds hundreds in just one pod.  As they grow they will actually eat heads of lettuce withing a couple days, so make sure you want to deal with the amount of poopage and mess.  Some selective breeders will crush culls or feed off the babies to crays or fish.


I used to breed them.  I found them very hard to ship though.

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^-^ At least she is happy and healthy. I have read quite the horror story of one person who was overwhelmed attempting to feed, raise, and give away all of the offspring, so definitely don't let them all hatch.

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