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Will ideal parameters make a difference?

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I gues I wanted to say first that my shrimp are just fine with my parameters now. However I wanted to know from those of you who have gone from tap to ro if they noticed a difference in how their shriml look? As in colors being more vibrant or thicker appearance even more glossy of shells maybe. My ph is of 7.2 and 74-76f at the moment for my crystals. They don't look bad at that ph but have been pondering since most of you guys actually run ro in their tanks for their shrimp or caradinias to be more specific. I might change to a 50/50 tap and ro maybe depending on responses. I don't add any mineralizer powder or special substrates either fwiw. No clue on tds and gh/kh. I just know my water is fairly soft as I don't need a water softener in my house compared to my last house. Any input appreciated.

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for sure providing your specific shrimp ideal parameters will help them be happy and show their true healthy colors.   

for exmaple. I keep my PRL in slightly different water then my taiwans... my PRL water i shoot for 4gh and 100tds and I usually change the water on this tank more then others.

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