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Snail infestation.


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Anyone know a way to rid a 10gallon of snails with out ridding it of shrimp? Haha.

Google mostly says "pick them out manually" but I dont really have the time to sit there and pick snails and dont want to disturb the shrimp and plants that much.

im leaning towards assassin snails..anyone use em before? Will they harm shrimp?

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Before assassins. try placing a leaf of lettuce in there.  Wait for a while, then pull the leaf out.  The shrimp will hop off, the snails will stay.  Repeat as often as liked.


Another way is to feed a pellet and do the same thing with a net to get the "snail ball"out..


EDIT: Ninja'd. LOL

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I guess it depends on the type of snail but in my experience, assassin snails are more like population control rather than eradication.

I hear stories like how some will see several empty shells over night with the introduction of an assassin but in my case, it was more like 1 shell every week. I also find they don't go for baby snails so they would just keep reproducing.

With that said, it might have been because I had trumpet snails. Pond snails may be a lot easier for assassins to hunt and eat.

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take a small glass jar,i used a baby food jar.

put the shrimp pellets in it and lay it on the side.

if really infested like i was,in a few hours you'll have a bunch of snails on outside of the glass.


are these pond snails?

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I think assassin snails are great to control snail populations. I like to have some snails around. They are good for algae, get rid of leftover food and in their poop microganisms grow that make an excellent food source for shrimps.

If the snail population decreases too much, I take the assassins out of the tank. I had some tanks in which the assassins got rid of almost all snails.

I never saw them eating a shrimp, even dead ones. And the shrimps are getting very close to the assassins. If an assassin snail is done with a snail, the shrimps eat the leftovers!

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Im no expert in snails haha but going to say yes...theyre pond snails. I will see if I can get a pic later.

id say im quite infested..only a 10 gal tank but theres not a 3sq inch area that you can look and NOT see a snail. Mostly tiny babys.

^ thanks. Good info! Im looking for them to be all gone though. So idk if assassin snails would be a plausible way to go.

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