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New sponsor topic or post area on front page?


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I notice the sponsor area has been pretty quiet lately. When I visit this site, I look at the recent topics box on the front page then hit the new view new content. I don't think either of thos two reflect new posts in the sponsor area. Some sites have a 'new sponsor post' box on the front page. An example is http://www.nano-reef.com. Is that an option here?

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I think what hes suggesting is rather then lump sponsors in with the general "recent topics" that they should have a "recent sponsor" section so their new post are not lost in the masses.


Makes sense since personally I ignore the bottom of the page since I assume nothing is been posted lol. If a sponsor only notice was also listed like the general post ones than I might know when flash sales or new topics are up.

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I can try and see if there is something I can change on this but I don't know how much of that I can change without getting a developer involved and doing some coding.

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