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New tank setup

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I was planning to make my first CRS aquarium . I 'm not a beginner , but ...
To avoid any errors , please for help with setup.
My plan is to keep operating with SHIRAKURA site .



The water would be made ​​with the Bee Shrimp Mineral GH + , and before placing the substrate
Red Bee Sand added to Glasgarten Bacter AE.


I ask for advice and order of actions .


thank you

Dennerle 20 L Nano cube
EHEIM Aquacompact 40 canister filter
Tetra 25W heater
TETRA APS50 air pump
Mini vacuum Gravel Cleaner
Dennerle 9W light over tank
SERA test for ph, Gh, kH, NO2, NO3
Demineralised water


ORDER FOR Crystal Red Shrimp tenk setup
SHIRAKURA Red Bee Sand - 4kg - active substrat
SHIRAKURA Mineral Stone - 200g
Chicutan Tube S - 3pcs Chicutan Tube S - 3pcs
GlasGarten Bacter AE - 38g GlasGarten Bacter AE - 38g
SHIRAKURA Liquid Mineral Ca+ - 100ml
SaltyShrimp - Bee Shrimp Mineral GH+ - 90g


SHIRAKURA Ebi Dama Special - 80g
SHIRAKURA Chi Ebi Baby feed - 20g
SHIRAKURA Ebi Dama - 30g S
GlasGarten Shrimp Snacks 4in1 - 40g


Only Java MOOS



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I think the tank size on the smaller side.


for CRS, it's better to use 20 gallon or 80 liters above, I'm not saying that it's can't be done, but bigger tank make it much easier.


no need for Mini vacuum Gravel Cleaner, it does more harm than help.


Mineral Stone is too much, 10 gram is good enough.

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I agree with James on the tank size, I have had problems with water parameters swings on my 7.5g tank that has about 24L of water in it. Its possible just much less forgiving if something goes wrong. I had a juvi shrimp die that started a chain reaction of deaths, if the tank was larger I most likely would not have had such an issue. I am switching over to 10g tanks so 37L.

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