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Hello from California!


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Hi everyone, I'm Gary and I'm currently in the process of cycling my first shrimp tank. 


My brother introduced me to the hobby and I can't wait to get my first tank cycled. I'm starting with an ADA 60P and an Eheim 2213. I have it planted with a few plants and some moss. 








I will be removing the heather once I'm done cycling as it won't be needed. I'm planning on keeping Taiwan Bees, but probably will start with some CRS/CBS


I'm only on day 12 of cycling but my ammonia levels have dropped to 0, waitiing on the nitrites to drop now. I do WCs every 2-3 days around 50% with tap water right now. I plan on doing a big water change near the end with RO to lower the TDS and will be remineralizing with SL-Aqua Blue Wizard. My brother gave me some of his magic powder to use on my substrate as we setup.


Any other tips for this first time shrimp keeper? 


thanks everyone! Looking forward to buying my first shrimp!



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Welcome Gary! We are glad to have you! Two tips from my experience. 1) Ask lots of questions on here, as we are here to help. 2) I would not recommend you to purchase or invest money into Taiwan Bees until you have a decent foothold in keeping and breeding shrimp. I would stick with the CRS/CBS as their tolerance to water fluctuations and improper water parameters is much greater.

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thanks for the welcome everyone!


Thank you for the advice DETAquarium. I do plan on starting with CRS for a month or so to see how I handle them. I enjoyed your youtube channel as well, great videos and tanks! I may follow your process when I start up a 2nd tank.

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You don't need to do lots of water change.


during the cycling, you want to keep ammonia and Nitrite at certain level.


and I always have heater in the tank. prevent the temp dropping in cold days.

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