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Purple Lovers like me.


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Ive gotten a few PMs about my purple sand substrate.    


It is just crayola playsand but it is impossible to find in the winter. .. at least in colder weather climates. I am just posting to say "I was just at walmart and the playsand is out!!" 


I have been using crayola playsand for years in my tanks.  It is super clean and soft and cheap.  No washing needed.    Ive used it for fish and shrimp.  


When first setting up the tank I usually add whatever fert tablets Im using at the time for the plants and I have never had a problem growing my plants. 


The only bad thing about it, is the limited color selection.  I would love if they would come out with a few more colors but as of now, as far as I know, it only comes in

purple, a sort of lime green, pink and slate blue. 


Just thought I would share. 

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