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what would you do?


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I set up a tank today just for extra plants.  I had no intention of adding anytihng live to it..but of course, you all understand the addiction.    The whole time I am setting it up I am fantasizing about what I can drop in there.


The problem is, this tank is in a spare room on the second floor that gets awfully hot for a few weeks in the summertime.    There is no way I can justify cooling it since noone uses the room .  I think even neos might not thrive in it.


But then I started thinking of Cardinals.   


What would you all do?   Would you drop some cheap neos in and see what happens or would you drop a few Sulawesi in?     If they live through the summer, it is easy enough to add a heater for winter..  



I also thought of dropping in some pygmy cories.  They have some at the LFS for .99 and they are soooo cute.   


If you were in my position, what would you do?   

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How hot does it get?


Neos may make it, however check for bacterial infections often.


Malawa I have never seen a bacterial infection in all the years I have been keeping them.  These guys are so tough some here may remember me accidentally keeping them in a 35 gh without a care.  Temp isn't much of a factor either.  They are smaller than cherries, and they only hold maybe ten eggs when berried at a time, but man are they prolific.  They'll out breed my cherries any time.  They also won't cross with neos, but can be in cherry conditions. 

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I have malawa already in the mischling tank.   I know we have talked before about how they will live in a toxic puddle but I have found the parameters of the mischling tank are keeping them in check where nothing else ever has.  They berry very occassionally but I dont see much survival rate in the babies.  (ph near 6) 


I would say at the hottest part of the summer the room could reach the 90s.     NH doesnt have alot of days in the 90s but we usually get a few 2 or 3 day in a row heat waves.   my guess is the average room temp will stay in the low to mid 80s for a couple summer months. 

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