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Shrimp and baby shrimp food?

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Hey guys,

So I have 5 Carbon Blue Rilli shrimps in my tank and guess what? 3 of them are berried :)

My question is what should I feed them with and more importantly what to feed baby shrimps with? :) I have read that first days of shrimps live are vital :) thinking about giving them some egg yolk for protein plus just ordered some mineral stones :)

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There's many food available. And baby food. The first couple weeks of baby's they feed off biofilm mostly but then need more food so a powdered baby food is suggested. That way they can get what they need while hiding in there spots.

I sell many samples if your interested in trying some thing before purchasing full bags, that way you can see what your shrimps really like.

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Depending on your tank size, you should not need any food at all considering you only have 5 shrimp.

Processed food should only be purchased if you have a large colony otherwise you're just wasting money.


If your tank is fully cycled, there should be enough biofilm and microorganisms for newborns especially since you have only 5 shrimp.

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I actually have not heard anyone mention using egg yolk for shrimps. I'd be concerned about it degrading water quality.

Biofilm will be vital for them.

You should be able to get bee pollen; I understand it is good for shrimp and babies. Not sure on frequency of use, tho.

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Jacob lives in Denmark, Han.  You may have some problems exporting organic things.


sorry I was on my phone and didnt realize that part haha

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