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BM turning brown?

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Funny you should mention that.  I have one in my tank that I noticed the other day that is almost two tone in color.  The front half is still red, but the back half is a form of a darker brown color.  No illness or anything that I can see, just a very unusual coloring.  As of now, it's not all brown yet, and there was a fair bit of moss in the tank, so can't say if that shrimp has always been like that, or may have started turning.  Just don't know.


Is this a trend that you are seeing in your colony, or just some random ones here and there?

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All turned chocolate.  I just culled them.  Wondering if this is a common occurrence.


I know from experience when my diamonds would throw red they'd turn choco after awhile with the occasional red highlight.  Makes sense BM would too since they have diamond in their history.


I personally won't do BM again because it looks as though the color is unstable.


On the upside, I have an empty tank for more shrimp.

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I know nothing about Neo's but..... I was wondering if you took brown BM and crossed it back to an orange neo if it would start to bring the red back out. Because they have BD genes  back crossing to orange might produce purple Neo's. I am a painter and an artist I look at shrimp like paint by mixing primary with its complementary color you get new colors. Just a theory.

I am seeing a similar thing in my blue bee tank, I'm seeing more and more choco/orange I still have nice blues but I am also starting to see purple hues in a few shrimp.

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