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Lousy LFS options


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Do most of you buy your fish online or in local fish stores?


I've looked in two local fish-only stores that are supposed to be good, but I see tons of sick and dead fish. Not just newly-dead either... ones with tankmates eating their decomposing bodies. The fish in my local big chain stores look much healthier to me, but that may just be because they scoop out the dead ones more frequently.


Is buying online the solution?

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Many fish stores have higher costs due to overhead.  Also many LFS have employees to help, but don't know about every species that is in the store.  Also, the volume of different species along with having to care for so many tanks/products/customers lead to minimal care much of the time.  Plus, any additives or caring for sick animals takes away from profit.


IMO, you are better off buying from passionate hobbyists.

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im fortunate enough to be within 5miles of 7 decent LFS (not counting several large chains..petco etc)


however the only fish I keep are Piranhas so anything other than a Redbelly is pretty rare in Michigan so I end up ordering online.

the problem with shipping fish is theres a delay in everything and no guarantees.


the fish can be in perfect health when going into the box...but what you take out of the box when it arrives may be on its last breath.

if its too stressed and dies getting a refund/replacement is delayed due to distance unlike a LFS where you can see what youre getting and the transit is short..


both have pros and cons.

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