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I am a big fan of "in vitro" cultured plants.

I brought some with me on my last trip from Germany and they all made it and are growing very well.

I ordered traditional plants form aquariumplants.com before. First time the quality was good, second time not so good. The plants suffered from the shipment. I have not tried the new "in vitro" plants.

I ordered substrate from them before and like it.

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How can one be sure that plants (from any commercial website) haven't been treated with pesticides that may render them unsafe for inverts?

The way they are grown is a common method for orchid propagation, it is from a tissue culture which means it's grown suspended in a sterile environment on a media such as agar. Its a method used for hard to propagate plants or where the transfer of pathogens is feared.

A lot of plants from chytrid infected countries are propagated in this manner to prevent its spread.

That being said, awesome site!

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i talked with the dennerle guy (Planta Hunter) in 2012 (or 2011) at hannover  that they should start propagating in vitro, as it is much better as quality. i propagated echinodorus and cryptos in vitro in 1997 and you really do not use pesticides or alike when doing that, the tehnology that relies in the back of in vitro propagation basis on totally different approach. do not worry on pesticides, you will not find such substances in the in vitro cultures.

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When I was a teenager I had a decent success rate doing this with my orchid collection, the whole process always facinated me.

Professional growers have the problem of too high of a success rate and need to cull all the large mutated ones and small scrawny ones that would normally never see the light of day through regular means of reproduction.

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