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New possibility for shrimp tank cooling?

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Ran across this article on a non-electric way of cooling rooms using a special table, and my mind naturally went to wondering for it could be designed for keeping tanks a constant temperature...



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Basically, the water to air ratio can do the same.


I mean if you place couple hundred gallons (or more) of storage tank in a small shrimp room, will help to stabilize the temperature.

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Interesting! I did think this note was relevant though:

"To clarify, phase change material only works (and saves energy) if there is a significant temperature difference between day and night spanning the temperature where the phase changes. So it is great in places like Arizona or Spain, where there are big swings. And as Mr. Steve notes correctly, in a well insulated room this would do nothing." 


Most of our shrimp inhabit areas regulated within a span of less than 10*F, I would guess. And maybe less within the tank itself, although on a "micro" scale, I wonder if a substance could be used in the tank the same way.


I'd certainly be interested in it for future furniture/housing in general, though! I'm all about reducing energy spent on comfort climate control.

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