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The 22 gallon or how I've come to love bookshelf tanks


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ARGHGHGHGHG. So my co-worker told me of a somewhat new tank that Mr. Aqua has come out with and now i want it...


I will be getting it within the next month, but I plan to actually do a legitimate set up with pictures and such haha. I've been horrible about it in previous journals, but I'm going to try and do it right this time.


The tank is the Mr. Aqua 22 gallon. 36"L x 12"W x 12"H. (Compared to the 12gL 36x8x9").


The planned insides/gear:

Left over Brightwell Rio - Cafe substrate

One large (AWESOME) piece of spiderwood

always plants

not sure about rocks yet

two sponge filters

probably go with CFLs again. 6700k 13W bulbs have been doing great!

Not sure what shrimp, but most likely TBs


I've got the vision and plan of what I want to put in there, but I'm not quite sure how I want to start the cycling. I am sure everyone has different opinions, but I would love to hear what you guys think I should do to cycle the tank.


I have SS Gh+ with RO already. I usually use Seachem Stability or Aquavitro Seed for bacterial starts (I have easy access to them). I also do the fish method (i know, i know) for a few weeks for cycling, with White Cloud Mountain Minnows.


What is your favorite cycling method?


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Sound like an awesome project! I think you will need to add some extra filtration like a hob or up the amount of sponge filters, I had to up my filtration on my 20l just wasn't enough water movement and I gotz the bba.

For lighting I'd go 36 inch shop light and hang it over the tank. For bulbs anything over 6500k is good.

For cycling I use tap water and additives like Bt-9, lowkey's speed sand, Old sea mud and bio plus for food for bacteria. I do 50% w/c weekly till the ammonia gets under 5ppm then let the biological eat it down to zero then do a 80% with r/o d/i test for nitrates. This is for ADA Aqua Soil and takes 4 to 6 weeks.

If I where you I'd go for a speed cycle because your using Brightwell/Controsoil and it doesn't leach much. The new SL aqua Purify and Magic powder look very promising. MK cycling products are also very good. This may shave some time and work off your cycle period.

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I purchased this exact tank.  I have all the equipment and supplies to start the set up. But I just had to have hip replacement surgery, so all I can do right now is stare at the empty tank and supplies.  Gives me lots of time to think about what I want to put in it.  I love the look of this tank - it really is beautiful.


I'm going to use hmf corner filter with added tower sponge block on opposite end.  I will use controsoil and have a gorgeous piece of Mopani driftwood that I am boiling to get the tannins out.  I am planning to use the new SL Aqua Purify and Magic powder for cycling.

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The LFS I work at is gunna bring some in so my price is prob gunna be around 150. Just a guess though

Sounds like SL Aqua purify and Magic powder is the way to go. How long would it take with a quick cycle with those products? Alsoooo what would be a recommended way to add waste into the tank for cycling or would those products take care of that?


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SL Aqua cycling products are kinda new.  Check out http://www.discobee.com/  This is where I got the products.  There is a section that tells how to cycle with the products.  Eric is the owner and is super helpful.

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