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My New Red Tigers


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Im pretty excited as I added about 10 red tigers to my 20L last night. I love the look of them. I was able to find someone locally to buy them from which was a huge plus for me. The seller and i both use tap water and it seems our parameters are almost spot on. I checked the ph and tds of the water the new shrimp came in and the tds was within 5 ppm of mine. Cant ask for a better acclimation than that. This pic is just in the tank before it went lights out. Im looking forward to seeing their colors this morning.


Also got some yellow neos which went into a different tank. Those are looking great too. I need more tanks!


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Haha no way he's my own secret source! Actually he is mostly on FB groups but i will mention shrimpspot. I tried to claw some fancy tigers from him but he isnt selling those yet. Great guy, very generous and knowledgeable so hopefully he will join the forum.

Im thinking of trying a TT and Red tiger cross. Anyone ever get favorable results from it?

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Yes I did...produced my own line of Bengal Tigers from it. It will take 3 generations before you stabilize the colors, but its fun to start. Good Luck.

If you look up some of my posts you can see the pictures of them.

Very nice, i saw the pics. What happen to your line of them? Do you sell them all off?
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