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anyone want to guess what this shrimp is?


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I found 2 of these in my CWB/Tiger tank.  It is the weirdest shrimp Ive seen anywhere and I don't

know what it is????   It is actually a blue grey in color with a racer stripe down the back and has

light colored eyes.  Its small, so Im thinking a juvie, but I can't for the life of me figure out where it

has come from.  I haven't bought any new shrimps recently.  I figure I will try to catch them and move them to a tank of their own just in case they are some sort of hybrid.


Any thoughts???

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I've never seen a wild tiger or wild bee like that though. 


Wild neos, yes.


I agree, it almost looks like a few of my culled out Carbon Rili Shrimp. I have even had Carbon Rilis with Orange Eyes similar to OEBTs.

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Im thinking maybe its a carbon rili cross, that's been hiding away inside my sponge filter and now theyre adults they are coming out. 

I did have some Neos in this tank a few months ago, so maybe didn't get them all when I was moving them out.  Looks a lot like a Rili of some sort, definitely not a tiger.

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looks like a shrimp I posted about a bit ago. Was sold to me with some 'tigers' and everyone told me it was a wild neo. Now I actually think she is pretty cool looking after I got over the initial disappointment. lol




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So I did find another blue rili baby, so I think this one might be a cross that's reverted to the wild look. I had some Blue Dreams, Blue Rilis, Carbon Rilis in this tank a while back, but had moved them all out (or so I thought) guess they've been growing up somewhere that I couldn't see them, and now they are coming out more often.  Looks like I have 2 like this one and a regular blue with one black tail baby.


At first I thought it might be a tiger cross, but I found my Marble Tiger baby again and they are NOT the same in looks....so definitely a Neo.

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