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About time I said hi


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I figured for my 100th post, I should introduce myself.

I've been into aquariums for almost all my life. I bred guppies and turtles at one point. Until not too long ago, I had a plant and moss "factory" and sold to the local LFS. I've been keeping shrimp for the last three years. In my shrimping career I have kept rcs, crs, cbs, blue rili, oebt, amano, green babaulti, yellow, rbt. It was when my first born came along, the wife put down her foot and I had to scale down the MTS and sell off most of the livestock.

Now I have two tanks... a 6g edge planted with community fish and amanos and a low maintenance 10g shrimp tank / moss grow out tank with yellow striped neos and Royal blue tigers. There is also about 10 different mosses that I kept just because I spent so much effort collecting them throughout the years.

Oh, I also have a 1000 liter tank with 30 rainbow trout in the backyard Aquaponics system.

Glad to be part of such a helpful and informative forum.



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Welcome Chiu! We are glad to have you. Time to start compromising, luckily my wife is so absolutely supportive.

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Welcome. Planted tanks and tanks with many fish can take a lot of time. I am moving to lower maintanance tanks myself.

Do you mind sharing a pic of your trout tank?

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