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Obtaining a GH level

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What's the most accurate way to get a GH reading. I've been using test strips, but I know they can be inaccurate and I don't know how to convert ppm of the test strip to a reading such as a GH of 4. Is there such thing as a GH pen like a TDS and pH pen? I know there is a API master test kit, but if there is something I can purchase that reads only for GH and is accurate I would rather use that.


Thanks in advance :)

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I often thought the same way, they make PH, Temperature, TDS Pens, why not a GH/KH Pen. I still use the API Test Kit, works well.

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API test kit is good enough.


You can double the water volume to get the 0.5 reading.


I do this as well. I use a syringe to get 10mL in a 20mm fat test tube. No need to cap and shake... just a swirl. Divide the result by 2. Much better than using those API tubes that never seal properly and stain my skin with the KH indicator.

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