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PBL , PRL shrimps for sale


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I have some PBL shrimps for sale. They are bred from BENIBACHI and Black Impact lines. I bought the original Benibachi PBL from Max and Black Impact one from Nick 3 years ago. So far they breed 100% PBL only. Color pattern will be S or S+

Price is $17 each. Shipping is $10.


PRL shrimps : They are bred from BENIBACHI line. I bought original Benibachi PRL from Max 3 years ago. So far they breed 100% PRL only. Color pattern will be S or S+

Price is $13 each. Shipping is $10.



I’ll ship them in insolated styro box USPS priority mail.

I could use express shipping if requested. The shipping price will vary by location.


Live arrival guarantee terms and conditions
Please watch you weather and don’t purchase if the package will be in USPS track longer than 3-4 hours and temperature is higher than 80-85F   !!!
I guarantee LIVE arrival of my shrimp if the package is accepted on the first delivery attempt. PRIORITY MAIL 3 DAYS SHIPMENTS DO NOT CARRY MY LIVE ARRIVAL GUARANTEE. If the package is denied for any reason on the first attempt or left without being signed for the guarantee is VOID.
Please be aware that DOA is not applied if USPS does not deliver your order on time (Delay over 12hrs)
In events that shrimp/shrimps arrive dead you must email or PM a digital photo of the dead shrimp/shrimps still in the original, unopened bag to me within 2 hours of delivery.
Live arrival guarantee does not cover the freight costs. All freight costs are the responsibility of the purchaser.
I’ll ship shrimp with breather bags in Styrofoam box.
Price listed above is valid for lower48 states of USA.

If you have any questions please send me an e-mail.










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