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How often do i clean my sponge filter and how do i clean it

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In my tanks, I clean them every other month or so. To clean them, I just remove one side (I use double sponges), give it a squeeze or two, some light shaking in USED tank water from the same tank so the beneficial bacteria won't die off, replace in the tank and off you go. Keeps them from getting clogged and doesn't take long at all.

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I never clean my sponge filter, just not needed.

I use 30ppi 4.25" cube sponge filter from Angelfish plus in all my tank as main filter or second filter, It's the best and I recommend to everybody.

You can find the similar one from SwissTropicals. but more expensive.


In case you need to clean it, just use the water from tank, or RO water, squeeze a little, then done.

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