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Shrimp -6 extreme Black King Kong shrimp (SOLD)


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Offer title: 6 extreme Black King Kong shrimp

Offer Submitter: Shrimpo

Offer Submitted: 11 Jun 2015

Offer Category: Shrimp



These are about 1/4'', you will get all the 6 shrimp shown in the pictures.

Shipping is $7 for priority mail, I don't have cold pack, please make sure not to leave the package sitting at the front door.

Buy it now or start bidding. 



Click here to show this offer

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When I listed the item I chose both, buy it now and bid, there is an option to : End the bid with purchase, I just have to enter the name of the member who paid the buy it now price. I was confused too, its different than other bidding sites like eBay and such.

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Go to the market place and try to add an offer, it will give you 3 options: Buy now/ auction/ buy now + action. I chose the latter, my listing was showing $90 which is the buy it now price, under that price there is 2 blue boxes, one is *send price proposal* and the other is *contact via PM*. so I had to honor the buyer's offer who wanted to pay the buy it now price. I know that at other sites the buy it now option will be gone automatically when the bidding starts but it seems that is not the case with this auction format.

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