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Sorry to hear Shrimpyy. I always recommend trying to purchase from our forum members, usually fantastic quality at lower prices.

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I believe they go by invertobsession on amazon. If so, he is the same person that hijacked all my ads, and rewrite them for himself. Amazon didn't do a thing about it even when I had bought upc codes. After the 4th time of that, I pulled all my ads.

Did you know that the reason why their product reviews are soo good?


Because when it looks bad, they simply delete the listing and remake it. Starting fresh listing with 0 product reviews looks way better with a product review that hurts.


I bought from them a very long time ago and they claim it's "tank bred in USA" yet they email telling they are waiting for their shipment from taiwan. HAHA



As far as Amazon doing something for you bryce, I'm sorry but you're a nobody in Amazon's eyes. You're somebody when you sue Amazon until then, they won't even look at you. Say you try to make your own brand, without trademark, they won't do a thing. They'll tell you to prove others sell counterfeit via testbuy then you gotta prove the testbuy is fake vs your authentic(better have some paperwork). 

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