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PRL with Normal CRS

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i have a question.. i'm fairly new in shrimp hobby and trying to keep PRL.. as an early training to see if i can keep caridina shrimp, i bought a batch of red bee shrimp and 2 PRLs in the same tank.. unknowingly, after about 2 weeks, my female PRL now carry some eggs, let's assume she is mating with male red bee.. i know the offsprings won't be PRL.. what i want to ask: does the female PRL parent still considered pure? since i am preparing an only-PRL tank, i should decide to move the female PRL to new PRL tank after she released her eggs or not.. thank you for anyone who is kind enough to answer my question..

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Yes, parent is still pure. move the mom to the new tank a week before she release the shrimplet.

move all juvies back to old tank after couple weeks.

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