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Neocaridina ID ?

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Many BP (palmata) I see have tiny red dots on their side, and the color saturation is not as nice as this.


I'm guessing a type of Davidi, but I've been surprised before.  (Man, I'm so old I want to keep writing heteropoda. LOL)


Most common Davidi is Blue Velvet, but there are different strains out there with different names.  You have a double whammy since blue seems to be one of the largest replicated colors for Davidi strains.  Lots of breeders, including myself, have introduced new strains of blue into the hobby.  Some will breed together and create blues, others will create wilds if bred together.


Your best bet may be to try recontacting the seller and asking the name of the strain.

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Thanks every one for your input.

I did also notice the yellow saddles on the females.

Unfortunately I have no record of there breeder/family tree.

I just know they are neocaridina's.

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Be careful about phenotype = var.


There are several sellers that mix up blue rili and BV because they look the same for instance. 


If you think you narrowed it down to BV, check the babies and juvies.  In average BV they should have a red rili coloration that fades away by juvie age.  BR are born and keep the blue through juvie age.

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City, those don't look like BV due to the baby pics.  Do they have any red coloring when born?  That's what may be causing the red coloration of eggs.  If so, those may be BR.

Yes the babies are red for first week then turn up blue.

Maybe they are not blue pearl but I bout them as blue pearls

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