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Snails & their cleaning capabilities

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I was wondering what species of snails everyone keeps and the differences they notice in their cleaning skills.



I have three different nerite species:


olive: fat and only clean if there isn't any supplemental food hanging around. 


bumble bee: awesome! these guys are pretty fast, small , and pretty much ignore everything except algae


red-lipped: slow but efficient. spend more time eating off driftwood than glass



then there's  the bladder snails which zoom around and eat algae off every little corner of every little leaf.



and the um...rabbit snails


the laziest snails I've ever seen. Probably only clean a leaf a day. lol

they actually sleep on their backs.

I keep thinking they are dead, but no. they just roll back over when they are ready to clean their one leaf again.  :huh:



I just find it interesting how vastly different each species is . :rolleyes:

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I've had the red nerite with black "tire-track" markings - started with three, only have one a year or so later. They put a big dent in my diatom population (diatoms love my tap water), although I wonder now if that's just because no one is eating them. I seem to be losing my pond and bladder snails to something.

Contrary to others' experiences, I've never had any eggs from them. Perhaps I got all males, or the species might be picky about when/where they lay eggs.

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