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Project DIY Custom Tank


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Hello everyone,



So I decided to build my own custom tank and it could serve as a custom SUMP tank for my project. I decided to take challenge and to learn something new out of my confort zone. This DIY project has been stucked in my mind for many years ago. But due to lack of time and motivation, I have never started. But now, I'm ready and very excited to do build it. :)


The glasses are cut as dimension 28"x12"x11"




I then applied green tape in order to get a Perfect sharp edge. This way when I will apply silicon, it will look much professional and well made. :)




Now I cut tape coiner in order to align and to get the exact space (this one needs more little cut in left coiner)


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The cheapest glass to get it's from some old windows, remove it and to cut it by yourself DIY. However you need to have right tool and to practice your cut method first   :)


If You don't want to take risk, you can cut at any glass at any Window shop. They will do it for ya.



Where to get cheap glass cut to size?


I found it's more expensive to DIY than buy a rimless aquarium.

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DIY Custom made Tank has been done. Tapes aligned have been removed after I applied silicon.

Now have to wait at least 48 hours (and more) to let it dry then fill water and test it...




Here is some updated pic 




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