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macro lens suggestions for phone?

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All of my shrimp pictures are taken with iPhone 5S and Ollo clip. Absolutely recommend these macro lenses.


Not sure if they make one for LG.

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I bought this one Oldshark 3 in 1 Clip-On 180 Degree Supreme Fisheye + 0.65X Wide Angle+ 10X Macro Lens For iPhone 6 / 6 Plus, iPhone 5 5S 4 4S Samsung HTC Blackberry Silver on Amazon for my LG phone and have really enjoyed it.  Now keep in mind that I suck at photography, but all the pics I post are either my phone or phone with that macro lens.  I've been pleased for less than $8.00 and I can put it on my phone, Gill's phone, my tablet, whatever. 

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In my case, I've got the one using the ring you "glue" on your phone. It works great for me. Now, I'm using it with my galaxy S4. Before, I had a HTC ONE S and worked great too. 

To use the lens, you need to put a self adhesive ring to your phone. It's really easy to remove it and won't leave any trace on the phone. 

Second option, some phone lens (rare) are already magnetic and don't need the ring.


Took this molt with my HTC and this macro lens



In fact, it's the cheapest I've found on ebay. http://www.ebay.ca/itm/Wide-Angle-Macro-Lens-For-Apple-iPhone-4-4S-5G-3G-3GS-HTC-Samsung-Phone-I9300-/321101089975?var=&hash=item4ac31dccb7


It also works on my galaxy TAB S without any ring. In this case, the lens is magnetic but it barely holds the lens. I need to be careful using it this way.

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I just got a lens with that 'other' style clip I was talking about. It bends over the top of phone instead of being like a clip you squeeze with your fingers.

It does fit over my bulky LG case, but it is tight and not terribly easy to do. Plus the macro only focuses if the shrimp are right at the glass.  Plus the fish eye lens won't focus at all with my phone, but seems to work on an iPhone :(.

Maybe using a different camera app would help, and also help with the overexposure the LG tends to do? Haven't had time to mess with it much.

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