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Stunted Shrimps?!

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Hi All,


I have a small question - we know that if we introduce a small group(for eg 12) of discus in a tank, some will be stunted like 2-3 pieces, their growth will be stunted, will eat less food, stay in corner, bullied by the other healthier ones. The only way to recover them would be to grow them separately.

Do we have a similar stunted concept in shrimps too?



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I can't say I have noticed this phenomenon. Shrimp from my experience are certainly not as territorial as say, Discus especially when they are breeding and parenting. I think with anything that involves genetics and breeding you can expect to see abnormalities whether it be stunted growth, or as simple as bad coloration.

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I think it can depend on a shrimp too. In May I bought 2 Painted Fire Red females. And there I got a tiny baby with them. Next month I bought some more shrimp and one of them was berried. Now some of those babies from the berried mom had their own babies already twice but the tiny baby just has her first saddle. I think some just grow slow.

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